Smart Home

Making a house to a home requires to make sure it suits all your needs and offers the comfort one wants. With the increasing usage of technology, a house requires technology-driven aspects to provide the comfort of modern times. Today people want their home to be not only comfort-driven but also aesthetic as per their personality. The versatility a smart home offers take cares of today all modern and dynamic needs. Be it the need for comfort or showcasing the modern technologically driven interior, the technologically intelligent house will offer you both.

We all want the safety of our family and want to ensure that it is not at the cost of comfort and aesthetics. Smart House takes care of these aspects to your satisfaction in a customized way.

We believe in a tomorrow where we can do more with Less. We can power India Sustainably. With our Technology, Tomorrow is here. We offer Products that are Smarter, Safer and more reliable for everyone.
Smart Home

Smart Switches

Smartness is to make your house or office a smart one with smart switches. Smart Switches offer you remote operation of electrical operations of your office or home. Be it switching on the lamp or switching off the geyser, everything in your control. These switches can be operated even when you are not at your house or office. You can control the intensity of light or fan to comfort your family or save power.

The benefit of using these smart switches is the ease of managing lights even when not around. Also, it helps for the safety of the place at times of accidents to reduce the damage.

Features of our Smart Switches:

  • Remote access to lighting
  • Scheduling of electrical operations (lights, air conditioners etc.)
  • Voice command-driven
  • Mood setting through lights intensity
  • More advanced event-based automation involving multiple smart devices employing a smart home hub
  • Operating through the mobile app
  • Compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home
Smart Switches

Curtain Control

Privacy is an increasing need with increasing density of population. With more development of housing & infrastructure, privacy is getting affected. To maintain privacy curtain play a significant role and to manage curtain, Techtastics Technologies offer exciting solutions.

Along with Smart Switches with the help of IR Blasters, you can also control your house or office curtains. You can offer your family the comfort and cosiness before they reach home or maintain secrecy when planned an event at work.

IR Blasters

While we are talking about making the place you spend your time to be smart, you need to know how this technology works. IR Blasters are the commanders who take the signal you send up to the respective device and get the function operated. You will find these in the form of miniature bulbs in the upside of the remotes of television or music systems. Now, most of the smartphones come with inbuilt IR Blasters, which enables it to communicate with the systems installed in a different location and you can operate them remotely through the WIFI connection of your respective place.


IR Blasters are the laser rays that the sensors read and in turn, pass the command to the respective device. If IR Blaster is the commander, Sensors are the messengers. As commands are passed to the common router but to distribute it to the specific device is work of the sensor.

Motorised Blinds
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