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Web hosting is a service that enables your website to live on the internet and be accessible to web browsers. Your web content is hosted on a server.

Whereas, Email hosting is a service wherein your email content is stored on a server. It can be the same server that’s hosting your website content, a server managed by another host, or two different servers managed by the same hosting company.

Benefits of Web Hosting/ Email Hosting

  • Hosted email service helps convey professionalism, and builds brand trust.
  • We provide users with the ability to share address books.
  • The complete transition of data that takes place is completely encrypted and no unauthorized party has any access to it.
  • The emails exchanged carry your business domain name that builds a credible image and brand recognition for your enterprise.
  • Web hosting and email hosting is secured.
  • Email hosting solutions will also effectively block malware and spam.
  • Email hosting is very cost-effective to hire professionals because they can spare you the trouble of spending additional resources on installing mail servers and maintaining technical teams to run them.
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Web Hosting/ Email Hosting

We make Web Hosting and Email Hosting Easier
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