The smart sensor has intelligent capabilities such as wireless communication and being an onboard microcontroller helps in controlling the appliances at your home and thereby solves the purpose of Home Automation


  • The Multi-Sensor is a Wi-Fi enabled smart Sensor, which has IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, Temperature, Luminosity & Gas Sensor
  • Fully custom built using high grade military infrared material.

Automation Sensors

Why use Automation Sensors?

Building a smart home starts with smart Home Automation Sensors. Automation Sensors are the eyes and ears of your home, informing you and different smart devices of changes in status 24/7. Automation Sensors take charge of your lights and appliances, therefore, you’ll be able to customize how and when to manage devices around your home. Equip your home with Home Automation Sensors and sensible home sensors to monitor activity, react to environmental changes, and activate/deactivate lights and appliances automatically consistent with the time of day or programmed events.

Sensors are vital for Home or office automation applications

We help you select the best ones based on your needs



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