Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS)

Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides high-performance GPS vehicle tracking with Silent Passenger. At Techtastic, we’re all about saving you money and making opportunities to boost your bottom line each time your vehicles hit the road. We design, develop, sell, and service all our own software. And we’re desirous to work closely with you to make customized fleet management solutions specifically for your vehicles and your unique needs.

Benefits of VTS

  • VTS is avoiding any problems on the way, traffic jams, and construction on the roads.
  • VTS is a better service for customers.
  • All the information gained from the vehicle tracking system can lead to better management of all business processes.
  • Cost-saving and cost-cutting can be further facilitated by discounts offered by customers.
  • VTS is time-saving.
  • VTS  can bring advantages to better financial management.
  • The productivity of workers can be increased by being able to keep track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorized stops and breaks, and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers.

VTS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Solutions for businesses
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