Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) line is a form of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line which is a telecommunication standard that enables traditional phone lines to carry voice, data, and video traffic, among others.

A PRI ( Primary Rate Interface ) is a telecommunication line, generally terminated in an EPABX to handle communications from inside and outside the system. It gives 30 channels so that 30 simultaneous calls can take place on a single PRI line. Also, the service provider can provide 30 different numbers on a single PRI line so that every channel can have its own number.

Benefits of PRI

  • PRI lines have a fast call connection.
  • PRI lines can be used for voice connectivity, data connectivity, video conferencing, faxing, and all the above can be done simultaneously too.
  • PRI lines take lesser time to establish calls than analog trunk lines.
  • Automatic Call Distribution.
  • The number of PRI lines can be increased on very short notice.
  • Easily expandable.
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