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Web security solutions by Techtastic offers and helps protect against unknown threats, DDoS attacks & malware. Protect your website, business, and customers with next-generation, industry-leading web security products.

Protect against malicious websites, phishing, and drive-by downloads that evade detection with the industry’s deepest level of web inspection that scans files with a choice of up to 3 AV engines (Avira, Sophos, and/or Kaspersky). Unparalleled recursive decomposition and true file detection completely dissemble web traffic and downloads into its constituent parts, ensuring removal of weaponized scripts and payloads without delaying collaboration.

Benefits of Web Security

  • Automated web scanning allows scanning multiple websites and web applications simultaneously.
  • It Can Protect Your Business.
  • With the minimal amount of setup and integration, the automated tool has enabled us to carry out the security scans on websites and web application more easily
  • Viruses can slow down personal computers to a crawl, and make working on them practically impossible.
  • Easily navigable to which websites are contained with malware.
  • Easy to renew after the subscription is expired.
Web Security
Web Security to protect your business against unknown threats, DDoS attacks & malware
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