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Does your enterprise antivirus solution protect you against the unknown, or simply the malware of yesterday?

Techtastic offers a radically new approach by combining all the security capabilities required to protect against both legacy and modern attacks into a single lightweight agent using multiple Antivirus Solutions for you.

Benefits of Antivirus

  • Safe bill payment & online banking.
  • Cloud-based software does not drain systems resources.
  • Several antivirus solutions can identify and eliminate the specific bits of your data affected by malware without damaging your original data.
  • Notorious viruses are self-replicating and can be transferred to other computers while being disguised as ordinary data
  • Automatic updates of new virus or malware definitions.
  • Protection from hackers-A strong antivirus software can detect the spyware and other suspicious files such as keyloggers used by these hackers, alert you, and proceed to block them from entering your computer system.
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