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We all want our security and privacy. At Techtastics, we facilitate you to not only achieve security and privacy but also offer convenience at your fingertips. We enable you to make your doors more secure yet accessible when you want to allow access—no more hassles of keeping the keys or creating duplicates. Just pull the door and leave without a flick of worry.

Techtastics have different types of door access solutions, which enables you to grant access to people while you are not at the respective location—remote access to your door even when you are not present at the property. With the convenience security is intact, you need not worry about the burglars to barge in your property as you can program to different security features like siren or calling.

A handy tool for families, as you need not worry about your kids’ security while they are home alone. Or need to keep the keys in the neighbourhood if you are rushing somewhere in a hurry. All your worries are wiped off for access to your property at your fingertips.

We believe in a tomorrow where we can do more with Less. We can power India Sustainably. With our Technology, Tomorrow is here. We offer Products that are Smarter, Safer and more reliable for everyone.
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Reliable Door Access Control System

It comes with a battery backup in case of any power cut or WIFI access issues. You can also have multiple layer of security by configuring the software to have code lock along with other features of the software.

They can be installed in your existing setup with electric and WIFI connection. What are you waiting for? Don’t compromise the convenience for security, pick a call to our experts and we will reach you to understand your requirements and accordingly recommend the solution for better access, comfort and protection to you and the other members at the property.

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