Smart Film and Glass

Techtastics enables you to make your house or office a smart place. The technology has given the magic tool to make your place and its experience a better one. The magic wand makes you utilise all the glasses in your house in a way that you can make them transparent when you want to enjoy the external view.  And make them opaque when you want to maintain your privacy.

There are multiple technologies and still evolving with the advancement. In majority cases, either of the technology is used PDLC – Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals or SPD – Suspended Particle Device. The third-generation film technology can also be implemented on acrylic or polycarbonate sheets and be used as smart technology.

We believe in a tomorrow where we can do more with Less. We can power India Sustainably. With our Technology, Tomorrow is here. We offer Products that are Smarter, Safer and more reliable for everyone.
Smart Film and Glass

The best Privacy Glass, Switchable Smart Glass for your home or office

We are into the application of this technology in glass and films. These films are also referred to as electric curtains and are considered environmentally friendly. When PDLC is implemented, its opacity is of high level, and you can also use it as a projection screen. SPD is used more often for external glasses to restrain the heat and UV rays.

We have a team of expert who will install these films & glasses on your premises based on your requirement, and you can enjoy the smartness of the technology at your fingertips. Integration of this technology is possible with your mobile phone application for operating externally.

Enjoy the sun or manage the heat at your finger tips through the smart film and glass technology. You can also make these glasses as curtains for your property to maintain the privacy.

Privacy Glass Switchable Smart Glass
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