Security systems are extremely important and it has become quite popular in recent times. There is a wide range of security systems that are available in the market among which the video door phone is one of the most used products. Video door phone, as can be understood from the name, is a security system installed at the doorway so that is an audio-video system to check who is at the door way. Users can view from inside who is present at the door and accordingly take the necessary steps, thereby promoting adequate safety as well as security. To get the best out of the video door phone, here a few important factors to consider while installing the same. 

1. Understanding the Components

The first thing to consider while installing a video door phone is to understand its components. It usually consists of an outdoor piece with a camera and a microphone attached. There is also an indoor piece with a monitor that displays the scene at the entrance. The camera has infrared built-in lights to capture images even at night or low light and hence there is nothing to worry about.

2. Capturing of Images and Videos

Before the installation of video door phone, you need to make sure that the device captures both images and videos. The facility of capturing of images and videos depends on the type of video door phone being installed. When both images as well as videos are captured, it becomes helpful to understand about suspicious visitors and you need to review their visit later. 

3. Additional Utility

When you consider installing a video door phone, you need to check for any additional utility provided. The mere checking of who is present at the door is not the only utility served by a door camera. Once the video door phone is integrated with the other existing security devices like an access to the control system, it can be checked who is at the door and remotely open the door to allow the visitor in. In addition to the indoor and outdoor unit, the video door phone can be installed in different rooms of the same house for an appropriate communication with the guests. 


4. Anti Vandalism Features

At the time of installation of video door phones, you might be worried about miscreants trying to unmount the outdoor unit forcibly. For this reason, you need to check the anti vandalism features of the product to be installed. A good quality video door phone comes with anti vandal mechanism which sends an alert if anyone tries to unmount the same. 

5. Pricing and Packages

Ultimately, you need to consider the pricing and packages before the installation of video door phone. The price you pay for the device is nothing compared to the peace of mind it provides. It is essential to check the upgradation options if you wish to expand the number in future before you consider installing the product. Additionally, you need to consider the number of screens you can get at a specific price. It is also essential to check the resolution of the camera and screen size. Most of the branded video door phones provide the users with great value for money

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