Motorised Blinds

It is so cool to show off when a guest arrives, and you pull the curtains open with technology. Our product motorised blinds are one such cool product. That offers style, along with comfort and privacy.

We are aware of the hassles we have to go through to maintain the blinds, and all are majorly due to the handling while you are opening and closing the blinds. The wear & tear of blinds is the pain point for the blind users as they tend to break or sling along while operating.

We believe in a tomorrow where we can do more with Less. We can power India Sustainably. With our Technology, Tomorrow is here. We offer Products that are Smarter, Safer and more reliable for everyone.

Automated Electric Interior Blinds

Motorised blinds reduce this pain substantially. The speed in which it gets operated its wear and tear is minimum. Leading to reduced cost of maintenance and increases convenience and comfort. Welcome home tangle-free blinds are it cloth-based or synthetic this technology can operate all types of blinds.

Since it’s a cloud-based, smart technology, everything is at the tip of your fingers. No more getting up to close the blinds, you can enjoy the privacy when you want without leaving your comfort zone. Like our other smart options, this product also come with preventive maintenance option to avoid any troubles and easy to clean and not maintain.

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